Eco Quantum provides a variety of consultancy services. These include:
  • Streamlined LCA: A quick LCA performed using publicly available data. Streamlined LCAs are ideal to determine where in the life cycle major impacts are likely to occur, but are not detailed enough for public disclosure.
  • Full LCA: A full LCA collects detailed data for the product or service under study. Documentation and impact assessment are ISO 14044 compliant, and of a quality that can be peer reviewed and/or used for an environmental product declaration.
  • Greenhouse Gas/Carbon assessments: Greenhouse Gas/Carbon assessments using specialist LCA software, that are ISO 14044 or PAS2050 compliant.
  • LCA training / mentoring for individuals and groups: A paid mentoring service to assist first LCAs, or LCAs outside an area of expertise, is also available.
Rather than just producing a report with a set of numbers, Eco Quantum helps companies identify and quantify areas where environmental improvements can be made. LCA is an iterative process; understanding the underlying life cycle, and where impacts occur, leads to further questions about reducing impacts. Eco Quantum helps companies through this process to produce the best environmental outcome.